Fiction Editor

I offer several different types of editing, as well as editing packages, for full-length novel, novella, and short story writers. I specialize in Young Adult/New Adult as well as Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.

Proofreading/Line Editing: 

This service focuses on editing grammar and catching minor errors, as well as offering suggestions regarding word choices and sentence structure to improve flow and clarity in your work.

Beta Reading: 

This service focuses on offering insights regarding passages, word choices, or story details that might be confusing or unbelievable to the reader, allowing you to see your story with a more objective eye.

Content Editing: 

This intensive service focuses on helping you to improve your story on a large scale. After discussing your goals, I will offer detailed insights and suggestions on ways to improve character development, pacing, story structure, plot and themes.

Please contact me for current rates.